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Autumnal Equinox / Mabon Ritual
September 22nd, 2017
(Sun enters Libra at 4:02 pm EDT)

The Autumnal Equinox is the season of harvest, when the Sun enters Libra, the sign of harmony, balance, and beauty. 

Equinoxes are times of equilibrium, when the hours of daylight equal the hours of darkness. 

This equinox represents a time of rest after labor. 

Spring promises initiation, but Autumn represents repose, when we look back on the season behind us, and give thanks for the blessings of the year’s harvest.

The eight Sabbats of the pagan year correspond to the eight phases of the moon; the seasonal cycles are likewise reflected in the symbolism of the moon as it waxes and wanes. 

The Autumnal Equinox corresponds to the Last Quarter phase of the lunar cycle, a time of reorientation, when we know it’s time to prepare for the shift. 

This cycle has been called a “crisis in consciousness,” when it’s time to move on to something new. We can now evaluate what we’ll choose to hold on to, and see clearly what needs to be released, once and for all.

Benzoin: Herb of purification. Combine with Basil or Cinnamon to attract business.

Blessed Thistle: Energy and strength.

Caraway: Fidelity, longevity; made into bread for this holiday.

Honeysuckle: Enhances psychic abilities; attracts prosperity.

Marigold: Encourages prophetic dreams.

Myrrh: Enhances contemplation and meditation; use to bring peace, healing, and blessing.

Passion Flower: Use as a powder or incense. Increases understanding, peaceful home, protection.

Solomon’s Seal: Use in altar incense for cleansing and consecration.

Sage: Clearing, wisdom, immortality.

These herbs can be utilized in ritual by making an incense, or anointing candles with essential oil. They can be sewn into a charm bag and consecrated (dedicated to a single purpose), and worn when needed.

NOTE: You don’t need all of these ingredients - just use what you have on hand! Imagination and intention are much more important than getting all of the “right” ingredients. Use your intuition to feel what you need! Also, this is a seasonal ritual, so it's not restricted to an exact time or date. Just ask the trees and they will let you know.


Blessed Thistle, Hyssop, Lavender, Sage. Place any of these herbs in cheesecloth and tie well; run under tap. You can also make a strong tea (“Harvest Tea”) from the herbs, and strain into bath. Light orange or gold candles anointed with essential oils or “harvest tea”, and imagine a golden glow in your bath and all around you. Bathe yourself in the herbs and the golden energy, clearing away anything you no longer need to hold on to. After your bath, bring your candles with you to your ritual space, and place them on your altar.



Decorate with pine cones, grains, dried ears of corn, acorns, and autumnal fruits, flowers, and leaves. Red poppies are symbolic of the Corn Goddess, Demeter, and they can be offered to Her on your altar. The symbolism of the cornucopia signifies the wealth of the harvest, as we take the time to thank the Earth Mother for her bounty. 

You will need three candles: royal blue or purple, aqua, and green. If you don’t have these colors, white candles will work just fine.


Cast a circle by visualizing white light encircling you in a clockwise motion. Honor and invite the four elements into your circle: East for Air, South for Fire, West for Water, and North for Earth.


Benzoin, Blessed Thistle, Myrrh or Sage. Bring any or all of the herbs into your ritual circle and add each herb, one at a time, while grinding by hand with a mortar and pestle and focusing on the properties of each herb as it is added. Consecrate your incense by dedicating it to Demeter or one of the Harvest Goddesses, and charge it with gratitude. Once your incense is prepared, burn some on a charcoal as you focus on your goal.


The royal blue or purple candle represents the Moon / Jupiter conjunction. What part of your life could use Jupiter’s expansive energies? What higher teachings are you ready to dedicate yourself to now? Create an affirmation to support your intention, and write it down on a small piece of paper; place it under your candle, anoint it with oils, and imagine your intention being released to the universe as you light your candle. 

Repeat with the following: The aqua candle represents the Sun / Chiron opposition. What part of your life needs healing and purification now? What part of you needs acceptance and forgiveness? True healing will not happen until you can forgive yourself and embrace the lessons you have learned. Create an affirmation to support your intent; write down your goal and repeat the process as before. 

The green candle represents the Pluto / Mars trine in earth signs. What practical matters do you want to put extra energy into? What are you willing to put energy into to create long-lasting, tangible results? Create an affirmation and repeat the process as before and then light your candle.

When you feel your ritual is complete, thank the Harvest for its bounty, and burn each paper as you focus again on your intentions, releasing the energy of your ritual to the wind and elements. Thank the energies that had been invited, and close your circle; you can allow the candles to burn all the way down, or instead, burn them for a little while for the next three days, meditating on your intent as you light the candles. Blessed Be!

Note: I always like to “charge” a few candles during a ritual; I use the large glass-encased candles, anoint them with oils, light them during ritual as above with full intent, add appropriate herbs, and consecrate. I use them later when I need to focus, or when I want to energize my meditation practices or rituals. After you charge your candles, you can save them for when you want help focusing on a goal, or need a little extra inspiration and energy. 

- Planetary Alchemy: Astrology New by Sarolta. c. 2017.

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