Aries the Ram, from Breviary of Mary of Savoy, Lombardy ca. 1430 Chambéry, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. 4, fol. 443r Retrieved from:

Aries the Ram, from Breviary of Mary of Savoy, Lombardy ca. 1430 Chambéry, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. 4, fol. 443r
Retrieved from:

Planetary Alchemy: Magical Astrology by Sarolta

New Moon in Aries: Vision, Focus, Intention
Friday, April 5th, 2019  (at 4.50 am edt - 15 deg 17’)

After an introspective March (with Mercury retrograde in Pisces) it is now time to REIMAGINE THE FUTURE, after letting go of the ties that bind. 

This is a time to integrate our deepest conditioning, and move beyond the ancestral / familial stories that may be keeping us from moving forward, with Saturn/Pluto conjoined the South Node in Capricorn. 

This NEW MOON IN ARIES strikes the bell: you are free, if you choose to be.

It’s been a heavy time of deep introspection: have you integrated the lessons of the past? Are you ready to let them go and enter the future unencumbered?

The NEW MOON always heralds a new beginning: setting intention for the waxing moon cycle, when each new moon cycle highlights a specific area for growth. 

The NEW MOON IN ARIES is special, however. 

Since Aries is the first sign, and the New Moon represents the beginning of a cycle of growth, the new moon in Aries represents the START of the MAGICAL NEW YEAR.

What are you dreaming of achieving in 2019?

The next two weeks have some very special planetary energies that you want to take advantage of … it won’t be the same at a later date, so take the time to formulate your goals and really think about what matters most to you now.

Where does the new moon fall in your personal chart (which house)? 

The forecasts I’ve written for each sign include a special ritual for focus and manifestation: what goal are you ready to give special attention to, and what are you willing to do in order to bring that goal to fruition?

This is a special opportunity that will not be repeated in the same way anytime this year; this is the time to set your intention for the rest of 2019, and make a vow to yourself and make the necessary sacrifices to make that dream come true.

NOTE: As always, these forecasts are generalized for each of the twelve rising signs; for every individual the forecasts may be more or less favorable depending on one’s specific natal chart.

IF YOU KNOW YOUR RISING SIGN, READ THE FORECAST FOR THAT SIGN, since it is often more accurate that that of your Sun sign.

If you don’t know your rising sign, you can calculate it for free here:

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The new moon in your sign is in your first house, representing your identity, self-image, and physical body. This is the best time all year for you to reimagine the self you project to the world, and make positive changes for putting your physical energy and  health first. Your planetary ruler, Mars, just moved into Gemini and your third house, and your drive to collect information and make your ideas known are super charged now. 

You can perform your ritual on Tuesday the 9th, during a Mars hour, focusing on clarifying your goals for communication, mental dexterity, and gathering information. Light red candles for Mars, write down your goals and visions, and place them under the candle as you feel and see your goals coming into form.

The new moon highlights your unconscious self, when you can prepare all month for the next new moon in your sign when you can celebrate your personal new year. You have also entered a phase where you can explore any traumas from the past and let them go … expect many changes this year! make sure, however, that any changes you are considering will pass muster with your higher philosophical ideals, otherwise you will need to change course later on. 

You can perform your ritual on Tuesday the 9th, during a Venus hour, when your planetary ruler, Venus, exalted in Pisces, is moving to join Neptune tonight. What creative ideals spark your imagination? What ideals stir your heart and higher vision? Make an altar to Venus and write poetry to Her from your dreamiest vantage point. 

This new moon in Aries hits your eleventh house of friends, groups, and alliances; how can you make new contacts for networking and expanding your circle? Mars, planet of energy and action, just recently entered your sign, so the time is ripe for moving forward on your personal goals over the next week or so. 

You can perform a ritual on Wednesday, April 10th, during a Mercury hour; light an orange candle and write your intentions down on a small piece of paper and place it under the candle. Meditate on the outcome of what you want to create; how can you expand your circle, and create new avenues for networking? Clarify your message, what you have to share, and visualize the outcome you desire.

The new moon in Aries is in your tenth house of career and public life; opportunities for advancement or changes in career or public matters can be sought now, and by reaching out to others you can take the next step in your career path. Philosophical and spiritual ideals can be studied as well, making your creative life richer in the long run. 

You can perform your ritual on Friday April 12th when the moon is in Cancer, during a Venus hour; Venus will be in a positive aspect with Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline., and can add stability to relationships as well as discipline to creative ventures.  

This new moon highlights your ninth house of higher learning and philosophy, Leo, and you can feel moved to go to deeper levels of meditation and spiritual practice over the next few weeks. 

You can perform your ritual on Sunday, April 14th, during a solar hour, with the moon in your sign, for deeper insight, awareness, and spiritual clarity, as well as self-empowerment.

Practical matters are highlighted for you this cycle, Virgo; partnerships and shared assets are in the spotlight now, and you can use the current planetary energies to make shrewd decisions to invest or let go of things that are draining you financially or otherwise. 

Perform your ritual on Tuesday April 16th during a Mercury hour when the moon is in your sign; What clarity do you need to make the best plan for making the most of your assets? It’s time to cut loose those things that are draining you financially, emotionally, and mentally. Get clear and make it happen.

This new moon is in your seventh house of relationships, Libra … what is your newest and best relationship model? With Chiron also in Aries you might have a lot of old relationship baggage to clear out over the next months, and you can only do it by looking at the facts with a clear head and open eyes. 

You can perform your ritual on Wednesday, April 17th during a Venus hour; with the moon in your sign you can ask for clarity in your meditation. Light a candle on your Venus altar (your planetary ruler) and ask for clarity and release. What will it take to honor the highest aspect of love in your life? Write down your intentions and release the obstacles in your way.

The new moon in Aries is in your sixth house of health, routine, and daily practices, Scorpio; what changes can you make in your daily routine to add to your overall wellness and spiritual balance? What structure can you add to your work routine to make your efforts more effective? Are there habits you want to remove or add to your day-to-day reality? 

You can do your ritual on Saturday, April 13th during a Saturn hour (for structure and discipline); what habit or practice do you want to add to your life that will make all the difference? We all have at least one thing we just know will make our lives better. Start with that one thing, and make a vow to yourself to make your well-being the highest priority in your life.

The Aries new moon is in your fifth house, Sagittarius, the house that rules artistry, creativity, romance, sexuality … and all matters of FUN! How can you free up more time for the things that make your heart sing? You planetary ruler, Jupiter, is in your sign for only the rest of the year, so time is short. Now is the time to really make that vision a reality!

You can do your ritual on Sunday, April 14th during a solar hour, for creativity, self-empowerment, and success in all things. What is your heart’s desire? This new moon in a FIRE sign will ignite you in all the best ways!

This new moon in Aries is in your fourth house of home, family, and things coming to fruition; do you have a project or goal that just needs to be finished up and put to rest? This is the month to play catch up after so many delays; what are the goals you want to accomplish for the next several months? This could be marking a time for a new home or at least a mini-makeover; making your environment a reflection of your inner changes will make all the difference for you now.

You can do your ritual on Monday, April 15th during a lunar hour, focusing on self care, creating a nurturing environment, prophetic dreams, and psychic development. Light a white candle and ask that you remember your dreams; leave a notebook on your nightstand, and remember to write your dreams down as soon as you awaken.

The Aries new moon is in your third house of communication and learning, Aquarius, and you can focus now on eloquence, networking, and learning new ways to market your side gig. This is a time when you can use your words to enter new territory, explore new worlds and make new contacts. 

You can do your ritual on Wednesday, April 10th, during a Mercury hour, imagining new ways to expand your mind and hone your craft. Making a commitment to write daily in an unstructured format is a good way to honor your unconscious mind, giving it free rein to explore, unbridled.

The Aries new moon is in your second house of values and finances, Pisces; what ideas do you have to make yourself more secure with the resources you have? Can you find ways to either invest what you have, or keep more of it? This is a good time for you to reassess how you spend and where … is there something you value that you’d like to save for?

You can perform your ritual on Thursday, April 11th, during a Jupiter hour, and imagine expanding your assets and attracting abundance. How would you like to experience growth? This would be a powerful time to start a side gig for a little extra income doing something you love.

©2019. Sarolta Gabriella DeFaltay | The Lilith
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