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Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Completion at the Zero Point 
Monday, January 21st, 2019 @ 12.16 am EST (00 deg 52’ Leo)

The last eclipse of the Leo/Aquarius axis heralds the hope of the self’s reawakening, a promise of growth, and a confrontation with the part of the ego that wants to retreat and hide.

Everywhere we look we witness the deeply transformational shift that is happening around us: boundaries are redefined, or eradicated altogether; societal norms are called out and gutted, as we’re looking for the seed within, since we don’t have time to waste on anything less prescient.

External shifts, and the questioning that makes room for sparking imagination, are mirrored by our internal reassessment: what is no longer serving us?

These questions are universal, but they are especially relevant now, since this is the final eclipse on the Leo/Aquarius axis, signifying the areas of our lives that have been most affected for almost two years now … (where this falls in your chart will be explained in the forecasts for each sign, below.)

Collectively … as in: all of us

-On a deeply felt level, we can commit to new ways of thinking.
-We make a new ritual / habit / commitment to our most badass self and make it happen.
-We are ready to let go of outmoded, limiting belief systems.
-we clear our minds, hearts, closets, and habits of dross.

Autonomously … as in: just you
-This is the year to embody your truth.
-Write, envision, and make your life your work of art.
-Imagine, dream, and then LIVE your personal hero/ine story.

Celebrate the changes you have made, and the hard work to be more conscious of your thoughts, habits, and assumptions. Tonight, you need to nurture your heart. Be gentle with yourself; the path to self-awareness is not the easy one.

A ritual bath can be a soothing way to access your inner magic while clearing your body, heart, and mind; this practice supports the self-care of release recommended for the waning moon cycle that follows every full moon.

Are you ready to let go?

- Make sure your bath tub is squeaky clean
- in a clean washcloth, add epsom salt (a few tablespoons), sea salt, dried lavender, and/or sage. Tie it with string or a rubber band and put it in your bath. If you don’t have the herbs, plain salt in the bath will do … add a few drops of essential oils if you have them, or make a cup of peppermint tea and add it to your bath.
- light candles and incense if you like.
- Soak in the bath, and imagine the salt pulling out  any mental, physical, or psychic impurities from your body and aura.
- Imagine all obstacles to your goals are being released, and reaffirm your commitment to do all in your power to bring your ideas into form.
- When you feel clear, imagine all of the impurities are washed down the drain, and express gratitude for clarity, and the opportunity to make a fresh start.

Some people are more affected by this eclipse than others.
When your personal chart is hit more directly, it means this is a deeply critical period of shift and transformation.

The WANING MOON PHASE helps clear the way for the next NEW MOON …
The next New Moon will be on Monday, February 4th, 2019 at 4:04 pm est (at 15 deg 45’ Aquarius).

Utilize the waning phase of the month to clear, organize, plan, declutter, smudge, release, banish, purify, release, and let go.

For the waning moon cycle that follows …
Every full moon is followed by a time to reset. Give it a few days; then know it is time to clear. When the Full moon intensity finally dies down, we can work on the insights gleaned from our experiences since the last eclipse.

This would be a good time to make a vow to yourself to clear our obstacles to your BEST self … what activities, habits, or people are weighing you down with negativity? What are you ready to release? Focus on purifying your space, your mind, your body …

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Forecasts for Every Sign
Read the forecast for your RISING SIGN (instead of your SUN sign) for a more accurate forecast.

NOTE: As always, these forecasts are generalized for each of the twelve rising signs; for every individual the forecasts may be more or less favorable depending on one’s specific natal chart.

You have been reinventing your creative self over the last year or two. You’ve been fueling your story with authenticity, self-examination, and resilience. You have re-examined the circles you frequent, and the draws on your creative energies. Clear your mind and be decisive regarding focus: be authentic and choose wisely. Mars, your planetary ruler, is also in your sign now; this adds determination and fight to your cause. Balance these energies with abundant self-care, self-reflection, and bubble baths.

Assessing your place in the world has caused some shifts in your way of life over the last year or two; you now understand how important it is to maintain balance between your inner sanctum and your place in society. You’re ready to make the shift into the next phase of your plan. During the waning moon phase over the next two weeks you can clear your home and office of anything extraneous; anything that impedes your flow has got to go.

You can be proud of your focus and dedication over the past several years; time spent making connections into the informations streams of others has resulted in a more complex, focused mental aesthetic. You’re ready to turn the ideas into gold. A form of alchemy that sparks life into imaginings is now ready at your call. Clear your path to prepare for the next new moon and all the illuminating information you can receive when you open your heart to listen.

Matters that are ruled by the second house are highlighted by the lunar eclipse today for those with Cancer rising. This is the house that rules money, values, resources, financial matters, and assets. What new financial skills are you needing to master? Do you need more discipline in how you spend or save money, or do you need new skills in order to increase your earning potential? The next phase of eclipses will be on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, so prepare for the transformation that is promised you.

Matters that are ruled by the first house are highlighted by the lunar eclipse today for those with Leo rising. This is the house that rules the body, the self, vitality and image. How can you apply Saturn’s energies of discipline to matters of the first house? What habits or ideas do you need to release in order to create a more positive image for yourself and the world around you? You have spent the past eclipse cycle learning to harmonize the inner and outer selves, and in doing so you succeeded in embodying your self-charging power source.

Matters that are ruled by the twelfth house are highlighted by the planets and eclipses in Capricorn for those with Aquarius rising. This is the house that rules the “inner” world, secrets, fears, and dreams. Do you need to be more disciplined in taking care of your inner needs? What beliefs or habits can you let go of that will help bring more peace of mind? What part of the past can you release and say farewell to, once and for all? What dreams are being neglected?

Matters that are ruled by the eleventh house are highlighted by the planets and eclipses in Capricorn for those with Pisces rising. This is the house that rules friends and acquaintances, social groups and organizations, and optimism in general. This is a good time to reassess the influences around you; are you spending too much time with those who are keeping you from achieving your goals, or otherwise hold you back from your higher potential? Conversely, are there groups and organizations you’d like to join?

Matters that are ruled by the tenth house are highlighted for those with Scorpio rising; career, acclaim, and public image … what do you need to do to earn credentials, gain a better reputation, achieve a career goal? Work on clearing all obstacles to your dreams to prepare for the next New Moon on February 4th; this is the optimal time to declutter your home, mind, spirit, friend list, habits … Mars is helpful now with catalyzing changes in habits and health.

Matters that are ruled by the ninth house - higher education, philosophy, travel, spiritual learning - are highlighted for those with Sagittarius rising. What do you need to do to focus on creating the expansive opportunities of this house? Work on clearing all obstacles to those goals now and commit to doing what’s needed to take the next step. With your planetary ruler, Jupiter, in your sign for the next year or so, you will have a bit of help with their fruition, but only when you put in the necessary steps in the third dimension.

Matters that are ruled by the eighth house are highlighted for those with Capricorn rising. I would highly recommend to get your finances in order; take the time to clear debt, make sure your taxes are paid, and find ways to cut costs, and increase income. This is not the time to take gambles where money is concerned. with several important planets in your sign over the next year - including Capricorn’s planetary ruler, Saturn - you have a chance to fine tune your skill and mastery in the arena of your choice.

Matters that are ruled by the seventh house are highlighted for those with Aquarius rising. This is the house of relationships, business partnerships and marriage; what do you need to focus on in order to bring more stability to your partnerships or trusted relationships? Work on clearing all obstacles to those goals now and commit to doing what’s needed to take the next step.

Matters that are ruled by the sixth house are highlighted for those with Pisces rising. This is the house of health, daily habits, and service; what do you need to focus on in order to bring more discipline to your dietary and exercise habits? Work on clearing all obstacles to those goals now and commit to doing what’s needed to take the next step.

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