Magickal practices using YOUR OWN BIRTH CHART.
Beginning January 2018 (The Year of Arcanum 11: The Passion)

The Magick of Earth and Sky

Six classes, six weeks, $99 - includes unlimited ongoing group membership and exclusive learning environment.
(payment plan available. contact me for details)

- Class is based on my book: The Magical Astrology Guide.
BONUS: Private online Facebook group for class members only - to build community, discuss and answer questions!

This course WILL MAKE YOU know how to work with:
- New and Full Moon Magick for 2018
- personalized rituals based on your own chart
- The Eightfold Wheel: Equinoxes, Solstices, and Cross-Quarter rituals (The Sabbats)
- Magick of THE SIX ELEMENTS: air, fire, water, earth, above and below
- Candle Magick
- Herbs, oils, and incense
- PLANETARY magick
- Casting a circle

- a free birth chart and report
- continued membership - so you can grow with the online group
- an online community - with a private facebook group to discuss all aspects of our magical work

BONUS: online live group rituals and group meditations!


Let me know you want to know more, and what you would like to learn! 

I will send you a free birth chart report whether you sign up for the class or not. 

I want to hear from you . . .

to get to know how to work with you, one-on-one, as well as in the online group. 

I'm looking for a group of serious people who are ready to let the magic of earth and sky help them create a powerful group experience in 2018: The Year of Arcanum 11: The Passion.

Want to get started?
get on the waiting list for 2018: 

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subject line: "2018: The Passion"