The Creation of the Sun and the Moon from the Bible Historiale, France ca. 1350-1370 LA, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. 1, v1, fol. 5r. Retrieved from:   

The Creation of the Sun and the Moon from the Bible Historiale, France ca. 1350-1370
LA, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. 1, v1, fol. 5r.
Retrieved from:


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Friday, July 27th, 2018
(at 4.20 pm EDT - 04 deg 45’ Aquarius)

ECLIPSES always come in cycles; this LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aquarius is the second of three, beginning with the solar eclipse on July 12th at 20 deg 41’ Cancer and ending with the solar eclipse on August 11th at 18 deg 42’ Leo.

While the SOLAR ECLIPSES are more outwardly focused, LUNAR ECLIPSES are highly subjective and emotionally charged. ECLIPSES are times of transformation, and these three eclipses represent a period of time when powerful changes can be made.

Many astrologers are calling this particular eclipse THE astrological event of the year, since there are some highly charged components to this event that will intensify an already emotionally intense FULL MOON ECLIPSE.

What are these intensifying factors? And is there a positive way to channel these planetary forces? Allow me introduce some of the players in this cosmic drama …

MARS (at 03 deg 5’ Aquarius) turns retrograde only once every two years, and will be retrograde from June 26th through August 27th, 2018. When Mars is retrograde it is often difficult to summon up the energy to get things done, and there seem to be delays and roadblocks when you finally DO feel like you are ready to move forward. It can be intensely frustrating!

People around us are impatient now, and bravado and chest-banging standoffs are rampant. MARS is the ruler of warfare, aggression, anger, violence … AND … this retrograde MARS is tightly conjoined with the Full Moon in Aquarius.

URANUS, (at 02 deg 31’ Taurus) the planet of sudden changes and chaos, rebellion, freedom, shocks and seismic events, is in a tense astrological SQUARE aspect to this Sun/ Moon opposition. With the TWO cosmic disruptors of MARS and URANUS in tight aspect to the eclipse, we can expect that things WILL change, with quite a bit of noise to boot. Add in the fact that these planets are all in FIXED signs - meaning stubborn and resistant to change - and we can expect to see some explosive activity in the headlines for the next several weeks at least. DEEP breath.

ICING ON THE CAKE? MERCURY just went retrograde on July 26th (at 23 deg 27’ Leo) and won’t go direct until August 19th.


“BUT … but … but …
How can we work with these energies most effectively?”

Here are a few tips:
Don’t launch new projects to the public, or make any hasty judgements or decisions. With Mars retrograde, it is best to think twice before jumping into (or out of ) something that could spark a more permanent change that you might regret later. For example: many people may feel like they are ready to tell off someone and cut them out of your life. It is probably better to just give EVERYONE more space, including yourself, and wait before cutting someone or something out of your life. I would not recommend engaging in any highly risky behavior over the next few days, either …

It IS a good time to look at your own boundaries and think about the healthy choices you CAN make. This eclipse cycle is an excellent opportunity for using self-discipline to create or support habits that will build your long-term health and vitality. Frustrated? How about using that pent-up energy to start an exercise routine, or level up on your current one? You can also start to think about the changes you would like to make moving forward … in what area of your life would you like to shake things up a bit? What are you ready to let go of, once and for all? What thoughts or beliefs hold you back, resulting in feeling limited, frustrated, or “stuck?”

Don’t get frustrated because you are having a hard time moving forward. Instead, look at this time as an opportunity to do a MAJOR recharge! Relax. Meditate. Take the time to PURGE now between this full moon and the next new moon, during the waning moon phase. CLEAR, declutter, reorganize, release, review … meditate, run, sweat, journal, write songs and poetry, dance, and release whatever you feel is no longer serving your highest good.

What stands between you and your JOY? If you effectively work to release the blocks to that playfulness and aliveness during the waning moon period, you can more effectively plant some seeds of intention during the next new moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Leo.

The Full Moon always symbolizes polarity; this particular Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, opposite the Sun in Leo. This lunation is symbolic of individual needs [Leo] vs. collective ones [Aquarius];  attachment vs. detachment; individuality vs. group  identity.  How can you harness your creative leadership to make an impact in your chosen sphere? 

What changes are you ready to embrace moving forward?

Read below for your RISING SIGN as well as your SUN SIGN for a more accurate forecast.

Watch for disruptions or conflict within your inner circle; your friends could be feeling frustrated and may need some time to sort their feelings out, so give them some space and don’t take it personally. Your resources could get tapped out unexpectedly, so make sure you have some extra cash on hand, just in case. Make time for creative projects, perhaps revisiting one that you haven’t made time for in a while. Creative discipline is most healing for you now. 

Keep a cool head within the professional arena over the next several weeks; remember to stay above board and you will come out ahead once the dust has settled. This could be a great opportunity to explore the inner urgings to reinvent yourself … you can find rejuvenation through revamping your home environment and giving attention to the internal sanctuary of your mind. You feel like you are on the verge of something new; make the time to let go of what no longer serves you, to make room for the vision you can feel coming into being.

Be extra cautious if you are traveling now - give yourself plenty of time in case of delays or disruptions for they are likely. Bring extra reading material or activities that calm you to make good use of your time in case plans are changed at the last minute! Be extra wary when trying to make your point - with your planetary ruler Mercury in retrograde it’s best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and proofread all correspondences. Take time to explore new interests and urgings, since you can feel a new path is calling.

Hold on to your resources and make sure you don’t jump in too quickly with a new purchase or financial commitment, if at all possible. If you can wait, gather as much information as you can now. Things will be much clearer in September, so if you feel any hesitancy then don’t let others push you before you are ready. Creative ventures are rejuvenating, and you can use the intensity of this eclipse to revel in artistry and romance. Dive deep.

Relationships can be triggering now in ways that may not be comfortable, but can give you the much needed information into how to give others the space they need to honor who they are. Since Uranus moved into your career sector earlier this year you are feeling the need to make some changes. Your home can be your sanctuary now … make it your temple and make every corner a reflection of your true values. Prepare for the next new moon in your sign by clearing your environment - and your spirit - to make room for the new chapter you are ready to write.

This is THE time to look at your habits and routines and assess if they are truly healthy for you; are you pushing yourself too hard or taking care of everyone else but yourself? Give yourself permission to stop, rejuvenate, and clear away all unnecessary distractions. You inherently KNOW what needs to take priority; use this time before the SUN moves into your sign late August to clear and release. NOW is the time to tweak your diet, exercise, meditative or other physical / mental  healthcare routine. 

The full moon eclipse in Aquarius is in your fifth house of creativity and romance … use the intensity / frustration of this lunation to journal your way to remove blocks, since you are on the verge of new insights. There are new resources on the horizon you can enlist in your vision … what beliefs or judgments are keeping you from asking for what you really want? Expand your horizons and use your creative imagination to allow yourself to make a plan. 

Intensity in the home front or with family members can throw you off your game now if you let it; remember to give everyone their space so they can work through their issues as you work through your own. Jupiter just turned direct in your sign and can give you the boost you need to stay focused on your vision. You are ready to step out of old relationship patterns and approach the public in a fresh, new way … it’s time to sever the ties to that which you’ve outgrown.

Communications with others can be more moving than usual now; remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion so you don’t take them to heart. It may be a good time for you to retreat into your own mind and work on releasing any negative thought patterns that are keeping you from moving forward. Your ruler, Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is working beneath the surface now, ready to enter your sign in November. Take this opportunity to examine your beliefs and review, reimagine, and release.

Trust your instincts and be watchful around resources now, though you might feel the urge to spend more than usual. Examine your motives and assess whether the investment truly resonates with your core values since you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to gain mastery or expand your horizons. New groups and interests can open doors and shed light on where your path can take you. Hone your focus, plan your strategy, and make it so.

With this eclipse in your sign, you are so ready for something new, Aquarius; you feel desperate to move forward, but you’ll be frustrated if you push too hard now. With Mars retrograde in your sign it is time for you to plot, plan, and do those things that will build your confidence and energy. Your two rulers, Saturn and Uranus, are in earth signs now, so it is about rolling up your sleeves and manifesting your dreams with hard work and grit for the next several years. What goal is big enough to make you want to jump out of bed in the morning? THAT is the one to go for. SLAY.

This eclipse is in the sector in your chart that deals with the hidden aspects of the self, and matters from the past are likely to come up for you now. Your dreams may be more intense than usual, and you can feel like you’ve been working instead of sleeping as you explore the inner landscapes of the unconscious at night. A powerful remedy for you now is to retreat from conflict and immerse yourself in inspirational philosophies or meditational practices … Higher learning of all kinds can foster expansion, finding a way to creatively make sense of the conflicting dramas all around us now. Dance your poems and walk your songs.       

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