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NEW mini readings: NEW MOON MAGICK $20
What do YOU want to manifest this cycle?includes: 
- copy of your personal birth chart
- personalized message from Sarolta on how this new moon manifests in your chart
- personalized ritual based on your own chart!

email astrology mini reading: $30 (1 question/issue)
1 hour by phone or Skype: $75
90 minutes by phone or Skype: $100

email mini reading: $15 (1 question/issue)
30 min by phone or Skype: $40
1 hour by phone or Skype: $60

Astrology readings take about as long to research as the consultation itself, so an hour reading usually requires at least two hours of work on my part. Due to this fact, all readings are paid for in advance. 

I often use Numerology and Tarot in my readings, depending on what type of question is asked.

Would you like a ritual constructed specifically for your issue? Let me know at the time of your order, and I will construct one for you and your specific concern. 

If you receive a reading via phone or Skype, I can record the consultation and send it to you shortly thereafter via dropbox. Please let me know if you would like this option.

Before A Reading . . .

I would like to dialogue with you ahead of time via email so I know exactly what you are looking for in our time together. I can then focus specifically on your personal issues when I am researching your chart ahead of time.

Though there are many technical aspects to astrology, the consultation is deeply personal and transformative.

It is my goal to help you live unapologetically, embracing your inner truth with newfound conviction and fierceness!

I look forward to working with you soon.

Love, Sarolta


Sliding scale and payment plans available.
Contact me personally at sarolta@thelilithzone.com