Hekate Altar. ©2019 The Lilith Zone.

Hekate Altar. ©2019 The Lilith Zone.


There’s never been a better time to utilize astrological insights to manifest your goals.

With both Jupiter and Saturn in signs they rule, 2019 is THE time to work hard and let magical astrology give you invaluable insights … when to make your move, and when to lay back.

Work smarter … not harder.

I’m not the astrologer for those who just want to make wishes and wait for things to happen …

REAL magic requires us to work in the third dimension … so we are ready to make that move when those doors open … and open they will …

Do you have a big dream? Book a reading and let’s make a plan.

I offer consultations via phone, Skype, Messenger or email … as well as in person if you are in the Ithaca NY area. Charts and audio recording included upon request.

Below I have listed a few examples of the types of readings I can do … with the option to combine astrology with tarot, numerology and magical techniques.

However, you can always write to me and ask a specific question, and I can quote you a price and give you my opinion on what type of reading would work best.

First we agree on the terms and once you purchase the consultation, I schedule it when I am open.
See the “How to get the most from your reading” section, posted below.

Payment plans available upon request.

book a reading!
Make sure you include the type of reading and your birth data (date, exact time and place of birth) with your payment, or email me at sarolta@thelilithzone.com 

FULL READING: Natal Interpretation
This reading incorporates modern psychological astrology with traditional techniques, as well as the numerology and corresponding tarot card that represents your life path. I also give you an idea of the upcoming year, and an introduction to your progressed Sun, Moon and Rising.
90 minute FULL NATAL READING: $150

Ready for a reboot? A fresh start? A renewed sense of purpose and focus?
When you get the itch that you are ready to level up, this is the reading for you. This reading will be a guide to manifest your most cherished goals … what are you willing to work for? Includes all the major yearly players including: major transits, solar return chart, eclipses, progressions, and your time lord of the year, with a simple ritual plan to start working the planetary magic to manifest your dreams.
60 minute REBOOT: $100
90 minute REBOOT: $150

::::: MINI-READINGS ::::

NEW MOON MAGICK mini-reading
What do YOU want to manifest this year?includes: 
- copy of your personal birth chart
- list of 2019 new moon placements and where they hit your chart
- one-on-one chat for 30 minutes with Sarolta (via google chat or Facebook messenger) or email - on how the new moon manifests in your chart - or an email if preferred - personalized, one-on-one coaching on magical astrology
- personalized ritual based on your own chart
NEW MOON MAGICK mini-reading only $50

ECLIPSE CYCLES mini-reading
Curious about where the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycles will nudge your chart?
This email mini-reading includes:
- a chart with the dates and degrees of all the eclipses in 2019 and how they affect your chart
- we can dialogue briefly over Messenger or email about what that means to you and how to work best with that energy to manifest changes and remove obstacles to your goals.
ECLIPSE mini-reading $40

TIME LORD mini-reading
Interested in Planetary Magic? Wonder which planet is your personal Time Lord this year?
This ancient astrological technique has only recently been rediscovered in the last few decades, and can really give your magical practice a huge boost. This mini-reading will give you the info you need to focus your magical practices in a new way.
TIME LORD mini-reading $40

book a reading!
Make sure you include the type of reading and your birth data with your payment, or email me at sarolta@thelilithzone.com 

Ask a question! No topic is too weird.
email me at sarolta@thelilithzone.com 

How to get the most from your reading
Astrology readings take about as long to research as the consultation itself, so an hour reading usually requires at least two hours of work on my part. Due to this fact, all readings are paid for in advance. 

Even with an astrology reading I often add Numerology and Tarot, depending on what type of question is asked. I will let you know what IS astrology and what is tarot or numerology, since they are all distinct and separate disciplines. Let me know if you want only astrology and none of the other modalities :)

Would you like a ritual constructed specifically for your issue? Let me know at the time of your order, and I will construct one for you and your specific concern. 

If you receive a reading via phone or Skype, I can record the audio of the consultation and send it to you shortly thereafter via dropbox. Please let me know if you would like this option.

How to get the best reading possible …

I would like to dialogue with you ahead of time via email so I know exactly what you are looking for in our time together. I can then focus specifically on your personal issues when I am researching your chart ahead of time. That way I know what matters most to you at this time and can address them appropriately. 

Though there are many technical aspects to astrology, the consultation is deeply personal and transformative.

It is my goal to help you live unapologetically, embracing your inner truth with newfound conviction and fierceness!

Love, Sarolta

1 hour by phone or Skype: $100
90 minutes by phone or Skype: $150

30 min by phone or Skype: $40
1 hour by phone or Skype: $75

Payment plans available.
Contact me personally at