Odilon Redon, "absolute concern... philosopher" 1881.

Odilon Redon, "absolute concern... philosopher" 1881.

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2018  (at 8:27 am EST - 11 deg 37’)

This LUNAR ECLIPSE is a powerful portal for manifesting change in personal spheres, through conscious, external events, or through digging deep and encouraging healing in the unconscious realms.

By now, I am sure many of you have read about how this is also a SUPER MOON (being in close proximity to the earth) and a BLUE MOON (signifying two full moons in the same calendar month) adding to the intense nature of this specific lunar event!

This Full Moon Eclipse is in the sign of Leo, opposite the Sun in Aquarius. This polarity is symbolic of creative self-expression versus group expression, individual needs versus global issues.

Eclipses signify major transformation and are always a part of a larger cycle; this eclipse is part of the Leo/Aquarius cycle, echoing the themes of last year’s eclipses of August of 2017, which includes last year’s SUPER ECLIPSE that was witnessed across the USA. On August 7, 2017, we had a lunar eclipse at 15 deg 31’ Aquarius and, of course, we all remember the dramatic solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 at 28 deg 51’ Leo.

The eclipse on January 31, 2018 is the next installment in the arc of LEO / AQUARIUS eclipses from last summer.

When the symbology of the eclipse touches our psyches repeatedly in this way, it allows us time to integrate the lessons of the archetypal themes into our consciousness, in a deep and profound way.

The zodiacal houses they hit in our birth charts can clue us into those themes, and are played out in our conscious and unconscious experience… what part of your reality needs to be shaken awake? Are your dreams giving you clues? What are you pretending not to know? What happened to you last August, when we had the last two eclipses that dramatized the Leo/Aquarius polarity?

This eclipse could be the most dramatic astrological event of the first quarter in 2018, highlighting dramatic revelations and heightened energies around leaders and entertainers for the next six months; what more will be revealed?

The eclipse following this one is coming up soon; it will be a solar eclipse on February 15, 2018 at 27 deg 08’ Aquarius, exactly opposite last August’s SUPER ECLIPSE. During the waning moon phase that follows this eclipse on January 31st it would serve us all to focus on cleansing and releasing whatever no longer serves us, whether it’s a limiting belief, habit, or situation that is not in alignment with our highest spiritual potential.

We are not finished with eclipses that follow the Leo/Aquarius theme; two more eclipses will follow later this year: a Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27 at 4 deg 45’ Aquarius, and a Partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th at 18 deg 42’ Leo.

Of all the eclipses in the Leo/Aquarius cycle, the one on July 27th looks to be the most impactful, with many astrologers naming this lunation the astrological event of the year. Look at your chart to find what part of your birth chart is impacted by these eclipse cycles to make the most of these transformational energies.

The Full Moon period signifies the peak of the waxing Moon energy; this is a high intensity time to focus your spiritual and magical energies, directing them through meditation or personal ritual.

I offer email mini-readings as well as in-depth consultations to assist you in navigating these energies for personal healing, goal-setting, and understanding potentiality. Email me for a free consultation on what the astrology of these eclipse cycles can do for you.

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FULL MOON ECLIPSE symbolism for every sign:
If you know your ascendant (also known as the rising sign), read the forecast for that sign as well as for your sun sign for the most personal message this eclipse holds for you. 

The ECLIPSE MEDITATION RITUAL from last summer would also be effective now!

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Full Moon in the FIFTH HOUSE
(Moon in the FIFTH house opposite Sun in the ELEVENTH)
The FULL MOON will find you extremely charged and ready for fun... however, be prepared for the needs of others to interfere with your plans. Get any important obligations out of the way, and schedule time for yourself. Working on  a creative project or starting a new hobby would be a productive way to harness the intense energy now. The Full Moon in your fifth house will find you projecting your emotions now more than usual; this is a time when you  really need to be yourself, and allow yourself to experience your emotions with greater depth. This could sometimes translate to overprotectiveness in your desire  to take care of others. Tap into the creative energies today... the fifth house rules romance as well as creativity and recreation... so make sure you have some fun!
FIFTH HOUSE: romance, arts, entertainment, creativity,  children, investments, gambling, fun.

Full Moon in the FOURTH HOUSE
(Moon in the FOURTH house opposite Sun in the TENTH)
Issues pertaining to the home environment could be in high focus around the FULL MOON ... Make sure you are expressing cooperation through your actions, and work to further a common goal, especially when it comes to parents, children or loved ones. The Full Moon in your fourth house brings a tendency to escape to your own little world; you need to get away from public life, and home is probably your best bet. This is a good time to look within at your emotional attitudes toward the world in general; a good time to look at how past  conditioning controls your life at this time. Home, meditation, finishing a matter, real estate, decorating, family and parents are also matters ruled by the fourth house, and could be especially significant now.
FOURTH HOUSE: home life, parents, remodeling, relocating, clearing old business, plans for the future.

Full Moon in the THIRD HOUSE
(Moon in the THIRD house opposite Sun in the NINTH)
For the FULL MOON, the energies will be abundant, accessible and inspiring. You are able to divine a deeper meaning now to the patterns of daily life. The Full Moon in your third house indicates that your communications with others could be very subjective,  where it may be difficult to keep your objectivity because of personal feelings. Try not to take your environment for granted to the point where you respond automatically; you could really put your foot in your mouth without realizing it! On the plus side, you can communicate those things that carry great importance for you with deep emotion and feeling.
THIRD HOUSE: siblings and neighbors,  communications, writing, speaking, everyday transportation, written tests, study, short trips.

Full Moon in the SECOND HOUSE
(Moon in the SECOND house opposite Sun in the EIGHTH)
Be Careful how you handle your money around the FULL MOON, since your judgement may be clouded by an outmoded ideal. Focus instead on how you can make better use of your resources, and wait before making any major purchases. The Full Moon in your second house may find you more emotionally identified with your values than usual, or even strongly attached to possessions and material objects. Remember, it's not the object that's so important to you but the emotional content it represents. The second house  also represents what you truly value, and you can now assess what is truly essential to who you are and what is not.
SECOND HOUSE: personal income, values, finances, resources,  security issues, needs.

Full Moon in the FIRST HOUSE
(Moon in the FIRST house opposite Sun in the SEVENTH)
The Full Moon in your first house finds you needing to relate to friends and loved ones, and you are in tune with the feelings of those around you. You can be emotionally very giving with this transit, but you can also be emotionally demanding as well, especially if you feel you've been giving a lot. Be careful in your dealings with others... though you will be full of energy, be careful that you don't put others off around this time by being overly aggressive or appearing selfish. Make good use of this time by focusing and directing your extra energy into worthwhile projects. Best now to give without expecting return. New beginnings, energy and self-assertion are highlighted for you today. 
FIRST HOUSE: Beginnings, the personality, the physical body, personal affairs and ventures.

Full Moon in the TWELFTH HOUSE
(Moon in the TWELFTH house opposite Sun in the SIXTH) 
Be careful not to expose secrets or share too much information around the FULL MOON, as hidden matters may now come to light, esp. pertaining to your health or workplace. Deep transformation through psychotherapy, holistic bodywork, diet, or personal ritual is heightened now. The Full Moon in your twelfth house may find you more sensitive than usual, especially regarding your emotional life. The danger is if you try to hide unconscious attitudes from yourself, by  suppressing them they tend to control you. You are in touch with your deepest self, and memories, dreams and parallel realities may be colliding within you. Hidden matters come to light, and silent observation can help you more now than ever. A time to go within before next month's Full Moon in your sign.
TWELFTH HOUSE: solitude, introspection, research and investigation, therapy, the subconscious realm, psychic abilities, dreams.

Full Moon in the ELEVENTH HOUSE
(Moon in the ELEVENTH house opposite Sun in the FIFTH)
Networking and friends can be especially beneficial this FULL MOON... the energy will be at a peak at the Full Moon, and since this should be a particularly social time for you now, it can be well spent with friends and those who share a common interest. Just make sure to exercise caution, and watch out for the Full Moon intensity! The Full Moon in your eleventh house may signify a time when friends are more emotionally important to you than usual, and would be a good time to tell them how much they mean to you. This is also a good time to examine your goals, and ask yourself if they are truly relevant to your life now, or if they are outmoded desires you just haven't been able to let go of. Great energy for networking and focusing on group projects in general!
ELEVENTH HOUSE: group activities, networking, friends, hopes and wishes, earned income, goals, community.

Full Moon in the TENTH HOUSE
(Moon in the TENTH house opposite Sun in the FOURTH)
The FULL MOON will highlight your tenth house of career and public acclaim, making sudden changes in those areas possible. Make good use of this transformative energy, and consciously direct it to the target of your choice. Be extra tactful when dealing with authority figures now; all eyes are upon you, so show your true colors. The Full Moon in your tenth house may find you feeling tested as far as professional or business matters are concerned; there exists a tendency now to blur the line between professional and personal relationships. You could make your private life public unwittingly, so be careful how much you say to whom! You are more responsive in general to the general mood of the professional environment, and can excel in sales or public relations work now. 
TENTH HOUSE: career, honors, business, public acclaim, authority figures, parents.

Full Moon in the NINTH HOUSE
(Moon in the NINTH house opposite Sun in the THIRD)
The FULL MOON period will bring heightened awareness and insight, and added depth to spiritual practices. Be careful, however, what you say or write, since it's possible you'll be misinterpreted. In your quest for knowledge, this month will yield abundant sources of information, if you are focused and persistent. The Full Moon is in your ninth house, where you may want to escape the everyday grind. You could be feeling restless, but you don't need to get out of town to get away. Try exploring something new... something that’s always intrigued you, but you haven't made time for. Right now, it could be a very practical thing to do, since your spirit will feel renewed, and you won’ t feel so restricted if you know you can always leave your worries behind... at least, for a little while, with the power of your mind.
NINTH HOUSE: expanding one's horizons; travel, religious or intellectual learning, teaching, philosophy, legal activities, publishing.

Full Moon in the EIGHTH HOUSE
(Moon in the EIGHTH house opposite Sun in the SECOND)
Around the FULL MOON this month the focus is high on your financial situation, and will be an excellent opportunity to get things in order regarding taxes, savings and joint financial ventures of any kind. Exercise caution at this time regarding these matters as well, and wait until after the next New Moon to move forward on them. The Full Moon in your eighth house could bring an intensity to your emotional experiences, and you may attract as well as be attracted to people that stir you emotionally. There could be a tendency for possessiveness with this aspect, but if you focus on connecting emotionally, then you can relax and trust. Merging, sharing, spiritual and metaphysical matters are highlighted for you today.
EIGHTH HOUSE: joint resources, financial dealings with others, legacies, inheritance, merging, death, sex, subconscious complexes, surgery.

Full Moon in the SEVENTH HOUSE
(Moon in the SEVENTH house opposite Sun in the FIRST)
Focus on teamwork around the FULL MOON, as energy will be high, and opposition likely. Try to be flexible, and don't push your point too much at this time. Relationship issues are likely to dominate, and sensitivity will be extremely high, so be gentle! Count to ten before you comment, as others may see you as overly critical now. So... try to be full of healing and compassion instead! The Full Moon in your seventh house can focus you on your most personal  relationships; a great night for spending time with the one you love. The seventh house also represents opponents, and if you are to engage in conflict now, it may be more difficult to maintain objectivity or detachment. Think before you say anything... and make sure to count to ten (at least) if someone rubs you the wrong way! Harmony, cooperation and balance are a positive focus for you today.
SEVENTH HOUSE: personal and business partnerships, learning cooperation, teamwork, marriage, bringing something to the public.

Full Moon in the SIXTH HOUSE
(Moon in the SIXTH house opposite Sun in the TWELFTH)
Careful what you say around the workplace around the FULL MOON, as secret motives may be exposed, and confidences betrayed. Curb your urge to talk about your plans too much to others, especially co-workers. Gossip could go overboard, so stay out of it and take care of business. Focus on utilizing the intense energies for organization and taking care of details. The Full Moon in your sixth house can find you putting emotional considerations aside in favor of  immediate necessities. The sixth house rules issues of health and service, and would be a good time to take steps in a positive direction regarding these matters. Don't get caught up playing the martyr or repressing your emotions, since it could leave you hypercritical or feeling victimized.  Details, organization and daily tasks and habits are highlighted today. 
SIXTH HOUSE: health, habits, routines, jobs and employment, diet, service to others.


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