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the untapped power

In astrology, "The Lilith Zone" represents the part of the personality where we are in denial and, basically, have no way to fight back.

It is our paradox, since it is also where we are most “alive", and most human. 

In my approach to astrology, I remind my clients of the famous quote about "the shadow" by the pioneering psychologist, C.G. Jung: "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate." 

There are many aspects of a personal natal chart that can offer insights into the unconscious parts of the personality.

My clients are those who are ready to do the brave work of not just confronting their shadow, but wholeheartedly loving, and accepting, the hidden aspects of their psyches.

Therein lies the untapped power.

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“As my first experience with an in-person reading, I didn’t know what exactly to expect working with Sarolta. I expected the reading to be more clinical, but sitting down with her turned out to be very relaxing and meditative.

My reading was rejuvenating. I got a little teary, to be honest. I left feeling introspective, hopeful and clear on what I needed to do for myself in the future to achieve my emotional goals (what I had asked for clarity on).

I highly recommend doing a reading. I was feeling a lull in my life in some areas, and this has re-sparked my effort and given me tools to get things going to a more positive place.”
— - L.S., July 2017.
“I was initially apprehensive about my reading with Sarolta because I was unsure of what to expect. I was seeking clarity about my future plans and looking for insight about how to organize and reach my goals.

When I entered the room, my fears immediately subsided. Sarolta provided a calm and peaceful atmosphere and made me feel comfortable opening up and sharing my concerns.

Her detailed reading of my charts, as well as overall advice and guidance for my year, left me feeling confident and ambitious about my future plans. I’m looking forward to having a reading with her again!”
— - S.C., August 2017.
I have been relying on Sarolta for nearly 15 years whenever I need to know something in the astrological realm. I get an annual reading along with transits and follow them closely. She is nothing less than amazing! I highly recommend her products.
— M.F. 2017





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